The Highwayman - to be sang along with the music from Willie Nelson and company's song...

I was a codeless "ham"
Along the coach roads I did ride
With dual band HT by my side
Many a young maid ran from my tirades,
Many a repeater contact I had made
The League grandfathered me in the spring of o-one
But still I want more, my whining’s never done

I was a sailor,
I was born upon the tide
On 14325 did I abide
I sailed a schooner 'round the horn to Mexico
I went aloft to furl the Outbacker in a blow
And when the mast broke off
They said that my signal was killed
But I am living still

I was a damn CBer
Across the South deep and wide
Where shooting skip was my only pride
A place called New Orleans on the Mississippi low
I bought an amp that would let me bellow
They DF'd me by listening for the crackling sound
But I am still around
I'll always be around and around and around...

I'll talk on 10 meters
Cross the Continental divide
And when I reach the other side,
I'll find a place to rest my Budweiser in a can
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
Or I may simply become a single jamming pain
But I will remain
And I'll shoot skip again and again and again...

Author unknown - found on USENET years ago...